Strap Fitting/FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions...

What size strap do I need for my Panerai Watch?

For your 40mm Panerai watch you need a 22mm width. For a 44mm Panerai you need a 24mm strap. And, for a 45 or 47mm Panerai watch you need a 26mm strap. The second number i.e. 24/22 or 24/24 or 26/26 is the width of the strap at the buckle. A 24/22mm has a slight taper and fits the Panerai OEM buckle as well as many of the TC buckles. A 24/24 needs a 24mm buckle or, quite usually, these non-tapered straps have a sewn-in buckle.

 What length strap do I need?

The OEM Panerai Straps are 115/75 (measured in millimeters) in length. 115mm on the side with the holes and 75mm on the buckle side.
Look at the bottom of your wrist and see where the buckle sits....if it is in the middle then 75mm is your size....if it is off to one side...measuring how much more or less you need for a proper fit.

On the long side, which hole are you using on the Panerai Strap?

If you are in the first, second or third hole from the pointed end you need a longer strap. No ands, ifs or buts. Some people use both keepers to help the strap in place and some prefer using only one. This will determine what length is best for you. if you are a perfect fit on the OEM strap, which is 115/75, you will need to order a little longer as TC and Mario Paci straps are thicker than the OEM and will fit "1 hole shorter."


Can I use any strap on my Deployant buckle?

Straps are usually 4 to 5mm thick at the watch case and on a deployant strap they get thinner, down to 2mm at the buckle so they can fit in the slot. A strap for a regular buckle stays pretty much the same thickness throughout. Our straps made with a sewn in buckle run 4.2 to 4.5mm thick. Our Pre-V by Mario Paci Straps are 3mm thick.
You can use a deployant strap on a tang buckle but you cannot use a regular thickness strap (made for a Tang buckle) on a deployant buckle.


What is "Original Kodiak" and is it really waterproof?

Original Kodiak is a patented process that is applied to leather to make a 100% waterproof strap. Waterproof in the pool, sea, shower or gym...and, even sweat. If it is not made by the Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli for Time Connection in Castelfiorentino, Italy, it cannot be Kodiak.


Does Mario Paci Straps take credit cards?

Yes, we take credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express) as well as and PayPal and Google Checkout. There is never an additional charge for using a credit card or PayPal/Google.


Does Mario Paci Straps ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship Worldwide to every country everyday.


How much are the shipping charges?

Standard shipping is FREE.  That means Free standard shipping in the U.S. takes 3-5 days.  Internationally, standard shipping can take up to 20 days...and there is NO TRACKING on the package.

Should you want to track your order or choose a specific time frame you can choose from Priority Mail, FedEx 2 day and FedEx overnight for an additional charge.

Internationally, you can choose USPS with Tracking or FedEx International for a small additional charge.



How long will it take before my order is shipped?

We ship all orders, placed by 2pm Central Time, the same day Monday through Friday and , if we can, also Saturday. All orders placed after 2pm Monday through Friday generally go out the next business day. All orders are shipped from our offices in Texas. We do not ship anything from our factory in Castelfiorentino, Italy.

Does TC take custom orders for watch straps?

Mario Paci can make any strap on our website for you in any custom width or length. Custom strap orders usually go in to the shop in Italy every Monday and then take 15 to 20 BUSINESS days from that time, not from the day you place the order. Custom Crocodile/Alligator straps take 4-5 weeks due to CITES restrictions. We do not get updates from the factory in Italy on individual straps so it is impossible for us to check on any particular orders.

Does Mario Paci have a retail store?

No. Time Connection is an e-commerce website and operates through the internet. We do have toll free telephone numbers from the U.S., Great Britain, France, Australia and Hong Kong. Please keep in mind that these phones ring in our Texas Office which is GMT -6 hours. We are not there to answer the telephone 24 hours a day....sorry. All of our orders ship from:

Mario Paci Straps
2300 Bethelview Road
Suite 110-188
Cumming GA 30040
Telephone: 512.351.1133

Please note that all of these numbers ring in our office in Texas.

U.S.  800 340 7411
U.K. 020 7193 2344
Australia (02) 8005 0121
Hong Kong 8121 4271